Brief Introduction

This is solution of hardware and software integration based on SoundAI microphone array technologies that supports functions from omnidirectional wake, orientation of sound sources, oriented adapterization, noise suppression, reverberation cancellation, echo cancellation, speech recognition, speech comprehension, voiceprint recognition, to speech synthesis to meet the demands of voice interaction in all ranges.


  • MICA_40_S01_UIT
    • Module formation: Rhombus
    • The number of elements: 4
    • Module size: 5 cm * 5 cm
    • Working temperature: -20°C-80°C
    • Source location: 360° (horizontal)
    • Position accuracy: ±10° (horizontal direction)
    • 5V 1A DC Micro USB输入 Power parameters: 5V 1A DC Micro USB input
    • Standby power consumption: < 0.5W

    MICA_40_S01_UIT microphone array helps intelligent hardware to realize far-field adapterization, enhance the user experience of wake-up and recognition. With various interfaces for master devices, AI products can have access to different voice interaction models. It has been widely applied to smart speakers, DOT, STB, and other voice intelligent products. For clients, we provide ODM and OEM to develop new products very quickly.

    • Module formation: ring
    • Number of elements: 4+1
    • Module size: 8 cm in diameter
    • Wake-up distance: < 20 meters
    • Recognition distance: ≤4 meters
    • USB I2S Interface mode: USB I2S
    • Signal to Noise Ratio: SNR > 65dB
    • Wrong awakening rate: < 0.3 times / day
    • Working temperature: -20°C~ 80°C
    • Noise suppression: > 20dB (dynamic)
    • Source location: 360° (horizontal)
    • Positioning accuracy: ±10° (horizontal direction)
    • Broadcast interruption: Anytime to interrupt, continuous wake-up
    • Sensitivity: > -42dBV@94dB